A letter to Mr. Asghar Farhadi

Dear Mr. Asghar Farhadi,

As you are aware, Iranian cinema, and the people affiliated with it, are enduring very difficult days. Many of our country’s actors and artists have chosen various symbolic acts to show their protest to oppression, like: returning a statue (award), delivering a speech, or voicing their protest in other ways. Following suit with these acts of protest, I would like to ask how you intend to show your solidarity?

I am certain that, because of the current spotlight on your work, especially in connection with your critically-acclaimed film, "A Separation" and the relevant Oscar buzz, your words can carry much weight. Perhaps your words can shed light on the recent news that the Iranian government has ordered the closing of the independent Iranian House of Cinema.

You words, as among the other protesting voices, has the potential to lead to awareness on this unlawful action taken by the Iranian government. Your words can help save an organization that is of great artistic importance to Iranian cinema.

I wish you continued health and success.
Soheil Parhizi392004_10150470611861481_66424596480_9219850_1162390069_n.jpg


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